SGB-SMIT CALIDUS offers copper rods as well as copper and aluminium strip to customers as part of its transformer accessories range.

The plant is based in Pretoria West and consists of a copper and aluminium extrusion facility whereby the feed stock is an oxidised free casting copper and aluminium rod.  Copper and aluminium rods ensure the highest possible efficiency in converting and transmitting electrical power. Depending on the application, either as a conductor in underground cables, or as strip wire in transformers, generators and motors, we are able to supply a superior quality product.  There are many advantages when manufacturing copper and aluminium rods and copper strip, these are namely: 

  • Lower capital outlay
  • Lower labour cost
  • Lower power cost
  • Less space required
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Lower replacement parts cost
  • Less scrap
  • Higher production rates
  • Finished annealed product
  • Greater lengths, limited only by take up capacity
  • Short changeover times
  • Lower stockholding requirements
  • Shorter delivery lead times.

SGB-SMIT CALIDUS offer extruded copper and aluminium strip and coverings in either Nomex or thermally upgraded paper. These coverings are used throughout the power and distribution transformer industries. Finished goods may be transferred to any kilogram per spool or meters as per customer’s request.  We also provide sophisticated profiles according to drawings. The profiles may be supplied
as extruded versions.


SGB-SMIT CALIDUS provides a full range of precision copper strip for almost any application.  Presently, copper and aluminium strip is mainly used for industrial and building applications. To be specific, copper and aluminium strip is widely used in the manufacture of a great many electric and electrical products such as radiators, transformers, inductors, windings, chokes and electrical appliances, etc.

Copper and aluminium strip is also widely used to manufacture corrosion-resistant components in the construction sector.

Our copper and aluminium strip is manufactured in compliance with the main international specifications and standards.

SGB-SMIT CALIDUS is able to supply 0.003” (0.076mm); 0.00236” (0.06mm) and 0.00354” (0.09mm) thermally upgraded creped kraft paper. The thickness, width of the covered copper and aluminium strips are as per the standards in the industry. This type of copper and aluminium strip performs the best in insulating oil. Because of this property this type of paper covered copper and aluminium strip is mainly used for oil-filled transformers and switchgear.

Strand and flex wire as well as crepe paper covering from 6mm2 to 400mm2 which is used in the manufacturing of the harnesses for power transformers.

SGB-SMIT CALIDUS’s conductor dimensions range is as stated below:

  • Thickness from 1,6mm to 11,6mm
  • Width from 3mm to 32mm
  • 2% proof stress from 70 MPa to 210 MPA

SGB-SMIT CALIDUS’s copper and aluminium strip is transported on wooden or metal drums with protective paper and lengths per drum need to be specified.


SGB-SMIT CALIDUS offers Nomex covered copper and aluminium strip as part of its product range. These strips are highly appreciated for heir conformance with national as well as international benchmarks of quality. This dimensionally accurate and abrasion resistant range of copper and aluminium strip is normally used in dry-type transformers where both thermal and insulation requirements are high. Manufactured using the best grade material, these are known for dimensional accuracy, tensile strength and electrical conductivity and very cold weather conditions.