SGB-SMIT CALIDUS is owned by SGB-SMIT (GmbH) and Power Matla (Pty) Ltd.  We are committed to total customer satisfaction by becoming the globally preferred supplier of transformer insulation products. To this end, we shall continually improve the quality of our products, organizational processes and people to attain best-of-class levels internationally.

The company offers a complete range of transformer accessories as its product range and these include:

  • T4 high density transformer board insulation; cylinders; spacers; angle rings; clack strips; clack blocks; stripes; clacks; ribs; end supports;
  • Low density transformer board insulation such as combie –outer collar; inner collar; din board-corrugated board; cylinder; strips; etc.
  • Transformer press paper insulation; crepe paper –crepe tubes and crepe tapes; diamond dotted paper; Grade K – cut into size; Grade 3 – cut into size; threaded rods; cotton and paper laminates; transformer accessories; tubes and cylinders;

This includes a wide range of transformer accessories which are used for indication, recording and protection purposes. These include breathers, Buchholz relays, oil temperature indicators, winding temperature indicators, explosion vents, oil level gauges and magnetic LOC’s .

SGB-SMIT CALIDUS supplies a complete range of transformer products which includes high density transformer board insulation; cylinders; spacers; angle rings; clack strips; clack blocks; stripes; clacks; ribs; end support; low density transformer board insulation; combie–outer collar; inner collar; din board-corrugated board; cylinder; strips.  transformer press paper insulation; transformer accessories; tubes and cylinders as well as copper and aluminium strip and copper rods.

The greatest efficiency gains lie in improving the way people work together. To harness this potential, we have redirected the way our company thinks. By being customer centric and finding out what our customers need, and then examining and even changing the way we work in order to achieve this is of utmost importance to us. Over the years, this shift in mind-set has enabled us to develop important new skills, along with improved motivation of our people and greater individual responsibility. This has dramatically improved our own efficiency, which means we can bring more efficient new technology on stream more quickly.

SGB-SMIT CALIDUS’s philosophy encapsulates the belief in harnessing synergies which enable proximity to our customers and being able to address any or all requests. We work together with our customers to understand and satisfy their unique requirements. If needed, our technology partners can be called upon to provide world-wide expertise. Advanced manufacturing practices perfected within our company are distributed throughout our operations to ensure the highest construction standards. At the same time, we draw on our own specialised knowledge of local markets and requirements to ensure that our technology is put to the best use in meeting specific customer needs.

SGB-SMIT CALIDUS attributes significant importance to our suppliers. Our suppliers play a hugely important role at every stage of our product lifecycle. From sourcing the raw materials which are required in the manufacture of our products to the final handover to our customers, it is important that we work closely with our suppliers to ensure our customers receive the products as they have ordered them. 

Further information on supplier relationships and other documentation, etc can be obtained from our Logistics Department on +27 12 318 9911 or via email on info@calidus.co.za

Our supplier code of conduct can be downloaded here

The very best design and manufacturing facilities, a large bank of experience and a wealth of research work would mean little for our customers if we did not also have the people to apply this vast potential to meet their individual needs. That is why SGB-SMIT CALIDUS attributes significant importance to our employees. The people who are close to the customer and able to understand and interpret their requirements; the leading engineers who translate this understanding into optimal designs; the experienced co-ordinators and engineers who transport and install the finished products – all these and many other SGB-SMIT CALIDUS people lie behind the success of every product and installation thereof.

The importance we place on these individuals is reflected in our recruitment policies, training programmes and many other aspects of our Human Capital strategies. For example, the value of individual employees contributions is built into the design and manufacturing process itself. In the factory, every operation, down to the smallest detail is signed off on a quality assurance record card by the person doing that job. In this way all the people involved in the design and construction of our transformers for example, exercise responsibility for their own contributions.

At the end of a project, all of these cards are assembled into a single binder, which provides a detailed record of the unit’s construction and is stored for future reference. It bears eloquent testimony to the care and effort that so many of our people have put into the project. Over the years, we have been successful in developing the ability to effectively manage the complex interfaces between people, processes and technology.

SGB-SMIT POWER MATLA has an onsite training facility offering training and certification in various types of windings to our existing employees as well as newly recruited personnel. The period of training is usually twelve months in order to be deemed competent in all winding types manufactured by ourselves.  Other training facilities for boilermakers and welders are also housed on our premises in Pretoria

Further details of learnerships, vacancies etc can be obtained from our Human Capital Department on +27 12 318 9911.

Ongoing market research ensures that SGB-SMIT CALIDUS’s efforts remain aligned with the constantly changing demands of the market and expectations of our customer base. Because an investment in our products is an investment in the long term, we believe in building and maintaining sustainable relationships with our customers. We have Key Account Managers who are responsible for various sectors of industry. After sales follow-up is an important part of our group marketing strategy. This ensures that our service has been acceptable and that no loose ends are left untied.

Keeping customers updated regarding new product developments and market trends is seen as a further responsibility. We are proud of our company and its reputation and work on preserving this image and building on it.

Health and Safety

SGB-SMIT CALIDUS’s management and employees believe it is the right of every person to work and live in a safe and healthy environment. We recognise that the long-term future of our operations depends on the sustainable use of natural resources and on the good health and well being of our employees and the broader community. We therefore regard safety, health, quality and environmental issues as an integral part of our operations and consider continual improvement of our SHEQ performance to be a key business objective.


SGB-SMIT CALIDUS is aware that, in the industries that we serve, we play an enormous role in environmental management. Environmental management policies have been integrated into our activities as well as strategic plans on our Pretoria and Cape Town operations. We presently busy with the international environmental standard ISO 14001 throughout and for our products by the development of Environmental Declarations.

Quality Control

Quality control is reviewed very seriously within SGB-SMIT CALIDUS and all facets of the manufacturing process as well as other processes form part of a documented system which is audited according to legislation.

Both the Pretoria and Cape Town factories have documented quality control systems as well as having ISO 9001 certification.

The major benefit is that, by implementing and/or maintaining this, we can focus all our actions on what is important to be successful as an organisation as well as satisfying customer needs.

SGB-SMIT CALIDUS has for many decades been a household name within in the transformer industry. Our organisation is able to capitalise on synergies as well as our combined strengths in all aspects of the business, ultimately leading to improved customer service. We had started embracing Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment as a business imperative long before the country’s legislation came into being.

Power Matla, our main shareholder, has been our B-BBEE partner for many years and contributes actively to the business.

SGB-SMIT CALIDUS is audited on an annual basis. In May 2019, the B-BBEE score was verified as a Level One Contributor by Empowerdex (see Scorecard)


SGB-SMIT CALIDUS believe in supporting emerging black businesses in a way that will ensure their sustainability over the longer term, by providing management advice, guiding them in financial best practice and providing assistance through advantageous payment terms, to mention a few.  This not only benefits historically disadvantaged members of society, but also provides us with reliable, alternative procurement sources for many of our products.