SGB-SMIT CALIDUS  a local transformer accessories company

SGB-SMIT CALIDUS is a leading supplier of transformer board and accessories to Southern African markets which are used in transformer applications.



SGB-SMIT CALIDUS offers a wide range of transformer accessories and are distributors of the Qualitrol, Cedaspe, Viat and Elmek range of transformer accessories.



A leading supplier of transformer board

Moulded and machined parts, sets and kits and electrical insulation paper to Southern African markets all used for transformer applications



SGB-SMIT CALIDUS supplies insulation made from cellulose based press boards/transformer boards which meet the highest necessary requirements for use in electrical apparatus.

COPPER and aluminium PRODUCTS

SGB-SMIT CALIDUS supplies copper and aluminium strip and copper rods at their processing facilities in Pretoria West whereby the feed stock is an oxidised free casting copper rod and aluminium.


SGB-SMIT CALIDUS supplies a wide range of transformer accessories and are distributors of the Qualitrol, Cedaspe, Viat and Elmek range of products.


We are a Leading Transformer Accessories company based in Pretoria and Cape Town

SGB-SMIT CALIDUS supplies a complete range of transformer products which includes high density transformer board insulation; cylinders; spacers; angle rings; clack strips; clack blocks; stripes; clacks; ribs; end support; low density transformer board insulation; combie –outer collar; inner collar; din board-corrugated board; cylinder; strips.  transformer press paper insulation; transformer accessories; tubes and cylinders as well as copper and aluminium strip and copper rods.


SGB-SMIT CALIDUS has over 40 years experience in the supply of transformer board for use in power and distribution transformer equipment.

Transformer Board

These products are mainly used in distribution and power transformers up to 230 kV Class and are certified to conform to the latest IEC standards.

Insulation Kits

SGB-SMIT CALIDUS is able to supply entire insulation kits for power and distribution transformers as per the specific drawings provided by the customer.

Tubes and Cylinders

SGB-SMIT CALIDUS offers an extensive range of top quality tubes and cylinders made from various reinforcement materials such as SAMICA, glass fabric, glass mat, cotton and paper. 

Crepe Paper Rolls

SGB-SMIT CALIDUS offers a range of crepe paper in both calendered and uncalendered varieties. Crepe paper is available in roll form, tapes and tubes are also offered by us for use as coil cover and end turn insulation.

Silica Gel Transformer Breathers

SGB-SMIT CALIDUS’s range of breathers have been designed to suit customer specifications.  The sole function of Silica Gel Breathers is to dehydrate (remove moisture) in the air and to remove dust particles of the air breathed in by the transformer.

Remote Mount Thermometers

Designed for indication of oil temperature in both transformers with expansion conservators or hermetically sealed type transformers.

Copper Rod

Copper rods ensure the highest possible efficiency in converting and transmitting electrical power. Depending on the application, either as a conductor in underground cables, or as strip wire in transformers, generators and motors, SGB-SMIT CALIDUS is able to supply a superior quality product.

Copper & Aluminium Strip

SGB-SMIT CALIDUS provides a full range of precision copper and aluminum strip for almost any application.  Presently, copper and aluminium strip is mainly used for industrial and building applications. 

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